EagleVision Team offers PDP ProScan Survey

PDP ProScan Survey

We accurately measure strengths and individuality (four cornerstone traits and additional dynametrics) as shown in the personality model.

Understand What Makes People Tick

A proven people management system for selection, motivation, and  retention.

Make Better Hiring Decisions and Set the Conditions for Success

We help you measure, map, and mine workforce potential so you can turn high-performance into a predictable and scalable system.

EagleVision Team measures the dynamics of individuality—how individuals act, react, communicate, lead and manage stress. ProScan dynametrics include:

  • Behavioral traits
  • Decision-making style
  • Energy measures—energy styles, energy level
  • Trait adjustments due to external and internal pressure
  • Satisfaction index
  • Energy drain and available energy level
  • Motivators
  • Overriding needs

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