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Five Reasons to Avoid 360 Feedback in Your Company

The idea of a 360 Feedback exercise sounds logical at first.  And, the intentions behind it sound good, at first.  The results and outcomes, however, indicate there are much better ways to get to the information, communication and improvement that are the main reasons behind doing a 360 Feedback. A "360" involves asking subordinates, peers and supervisors to evaluate an individual as to strengths...
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Five Reasons Americans Hate Their Jobs, (Here we go again.)

Another report of dubious origin is making headlines today that most (80%) people hate their jobs.  This comes out, interestingly enough, just on the heels of our current Administration, promoting that people really ought to be able to "opt out" of working if they want to, and I suspect that is because the Administration finally realized government doesn't create jobs, except in working for govern...
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Quest for Respect May Backfire

One of the greatest causes of conflict in any organization is the issue of respect. We are bombarded by pleas to be respectful of others, or demands for respect, or threats of withholding cooperation if there is no respect. That all sounds so simple, yet it is anything but. The thing that gets in the way of true respect is that many people think that what they do is the foremost skill surrounded ...
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Personality Matters in Business

Most people have a “nodding” acquaintance with personality traits and profiling. That means when they are asked about profiles they “nod” and affirm they have taken profiles in the past, found them interesting or not and that pretty much is the extent of the subject. It is rare to run into people who have become aware of their own traits to the extent they gave them much thought in making major...
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