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There is no such thing as a competitive edge that doesn't need sharpening!

Who Is Your Gatekeeper?

Who is your Gatekeeper???? CEO’s and Senior Management are not having the fun they thought they would upon attainment of these decisive and influential positions. The trouble may not be the competition, the market, the economy or even ever-growing regulatory requirements.  It may be coming from within. There is a growing threat to the health of American companies.  It appears in the m...
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Do the Work Upfront for Exceptional Performance

Hiring the right people is more work up front, but the performance of the right people makes the effort worthwhile.Companies have been intimidated by the misstatement of law and human resource policies resulting in dangerous disregard for who comes into the company. Diligence is disguised as drug testing and credit checks when it is absolutely true that a mismatch of capabilities and characte...
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EagleVision’s Best Practice

Identify the Success Gap: Where we want to go – where we are = what we need to do to fill the gap.   Benchmark the Best: Identify the criteria by which to measure our best, identify who they are, define the characteristicsthey share. Identify counter-productive characteristics to screen out inappropriate new hires and faulty promotions. Create standards from the results for people dec...
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