Consulting services are customized to meet the specific objectives and desired outcomes of the client company. Charges are based upon scope of assignment and are negotiated based upon fee per day, fee per month, or fee per project. We will be pleased to provide a proposal regarding your specific requirements.

Consulting expertise and assignments include but are not limited to:

  • Identification of essential skills and traits for successful performance in any discipline
  • Identification of deficiencies in essential skills and traits
  • organization restructuring for best performance,
  • screening of potential new hires, interviewing and reference checking
  • recruiting (retainer based executive search)
  • assessment of existing sales teams, or building new sales teams
  • strategic action plans,
  • goal setting and implementation of tracking and measuring identified objectives,
  • clarifying position descriptions and performance evaluation processes that relate directly to action and solutions,
  • succession planning
  • conflict resolution
  • identification of obstacles and blind spots that impact performance and attainment of goals
  • evaluation of leaders and managers of companies targeted for merger or acquisition
  • merger and acquisition strategic action plans
  •  facilitation of meetings involving strategic action, negotiations, interdepartmental conflict


One to three-day training sessions – include but not limited to:

  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Management development
  • Behavioral Impact on Performance
  • Improving communication and team dynamics
  • Interviewing and reference skills
  • Performance Enhancement and Evaluation Processes
  • Teambuilding, Actually Team Assembly
  • Better Trust, Morale and Performance through Productivity
  • Establishing Accountability and Predictability

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