“I would give more for the ability to understand people than any ability under the sun.” – John D Rockefeller.

“The goal of personality is wholeness.” – Carl Jung

I am always very excited about introducing people to the amazing world of “profiling.” I have used profiling in my consulting firm, improving performance and results with over 1,000 companies, involving tens of thousands of people and relationships since 1981.

Every day, I am rewarded with surprise at the difference this information makes in the lives of people and groups, and with ongoing fascination. I say with no hesitation, reluctance, or fear  this information will give you the tools to know exactly what you can or cannot expect of any individual, group, and equally,  yourself.

I know that sounds like a lot, but once you are familiar with what profiling really does, and really means, you will see the simple truths that lie behind the words of Carl Jung, that “the goal of personality is wholeness.”   This “wholeness” means more certainty, satisfaction, well- being, and contentedness for you and those you influence.

To this day, I have seen no problem, struggle, discontent, dissatisfaction, poor performance or disappointing relationship that could not be helped by knowledge of how inherent, inborn temperament affects everything we do and everyone we meet. No one escapes the gracious gift of a unique “perso- nality.”  Disregarding, or misunderstanding, the gift of unique personality is the basis for most human turmoil and discontent.  Even in environments and situations that seem beyond our control, our perso-nality is the guide that helps us navigate and then maximize our best potential outcomes.

The idea of “profiling” being dangerous in and of itself is an undeserved notion.   For the most part, this  has been  the suggestion of  people using untested and unverified methods,  and possibly with misguided or inappropriate intentions.   The idea that self- awareness and awareness of others is dangerous is the truly dangerous idea.

I will make a promise to you this experience will open your eyes to things that are really important for you to know about yourself and others. You will gain the tools to achieve more satisfaction in your own life and knowledge that will help you make better decisions.  You may not always use this knowledge because of habits or pressures from others, but the resulting discontent will be a signal to turn back to your inner map.   The icing on the cake is you will have the tools to understand others around you, even in the geopolitical sense of events and cultures that affect us from a truly global perspective.

I promise you will have some “Aha!” moments about things you have always suspected, “felt” and perhaps dismissed; but these will grow in import day after day.   Let me know if I fail to deliver and I will spend the time with you to make sure my promises are kept. With greatest respect and appreciation,       

Jennifer Munro

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