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Are You Part of the Problem?

I am preparing a workshop for a company that has an exceptional track record of success and yet has a notable morale problem. In general, good sales, profits and performance generate good morale, so this one presents a new challenge. By interviewing people throughout the company, and in their customer base, it is apparent that the morale issues are generated by a group of 5 people in a company of ...
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How Did They Ever Get This Far?

I agreed to assist a client in screening some resumes he received in response to an ad for a sales rep. We were looking at recent college graduates who were just entering the professional sales marketplace for the first time. I called a young lady who stated her objective was to obtain a position in sales although she had just graduated with a degree with a major in radio and tv. I asked her why ...
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Your Expectations Are Too High???? Really????

Would someone please just tell me who in the world thinks lowering expectations is a good idea?  Where does it get you?  What has it done to our country?  Our ambition and achievement? Our independence and freedom?  I am livid at the  the nerve of anyone saying that to someone who has the vision and courage to have high expectations, given what they have to go through to get anything done! The onl...
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Is Leadership Dead?

In an age inundated by forces of political correctness, we have gotten away from the perspectives of what leadership means.  Many great books have been written about leaders, and my personal favorite is Good To Great but there are thousands of others that speak of leadership.  Better than anyone,  John Maxwell and Warren Bennis have defined leadership for decades. (more…)
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Four Hooks That Hang Juries

The medical malpractice lawsuit in Oakland, CA. centered on a wife (plaintiff) who was suing a mental health facility for allowing her husband to come home for the holidays after being committed after a suicide attempt.  The wife had visited the hospital late on a weekend night, when the primary care people were not there.  She had insisted that her husband be allowed to go home with her and a...
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