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Jennifer Munro is the Founder and President of EagleVision Performance Solutions, Inc. She has worked with over a thousand corporate clients since 1981, improving performance in the workplace and, in turn, increasing corporate profits.

Jennifer’s clients are found in all industries, including finance, money management, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, communications, technology, hospitality, commercial real estate and resort development and operations, construction, publishing, advertising, fashion, automotive, competitive sports, medical and aerospace. Her performance strategies have been directed at sales, information technologies, operations, marketing, organizational development, strategic planning, team-building, goal setting, conflict resolution, hiring and merging corporate cultures.

Jennifer’s firm takes a contrarian approach to traditional themes fostered by the human resources and legal industry and applies approaches that are compatible with Peter Drucker’s theme that productivity is the true measure of performance; that morale, loyalty and trust are by products of running productive and successful companies, not ends unto themselves. She concentrates on applications that change the company culture from entitlement environments to energetic, accountable and high performing environments.

Jennifer is also the Founder and President of GolfMindRx.com. She has been an avid golfer since 1994 and realized that the traits that determined good business performance also impacted performance and satisfaction on the golf course.

Jennifer was passionate about golf from the beginning and was fascinated about two well-known statistics in the industry.

  • First, that the number of golfers remains about the same year in and year out, approximately 26 million.
  • Second, that average handicaps do not decline.

From Jennifer’s research, she noted the overwhelming reason people give up on golf is they do not get better, even with significant investment in equipment, instruction and time. She wrote the GolfMindRx profile initially for amateurs to help them enjoy their game more which lead to her work with Golf Digest Schools helping instructors to identify the different learning strategies of clients and designing corporate programs for sales and leadership groups. As a result, the GolfMindRx profile has also become a valuable asset to touring professionals, as well as amateurs, and coaches who work with America’s promising high school and college golfers.

Jennifer is a native of Miami, Florida and a graduate of the University of Florida. Her B.A. degree is in Philosophy.

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