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The 5 Unique Challenges for the Entrepreneurial Thinker, (The ET)

The 5 Unique Challenges for the Entrepreneurial Thinker, (The ET). by Jennifer Munro Author: Personality Matters. Maintaining the Fire and Passion of Entrepreneurial Thinking. We all know that Entrepreneurial people really thrive on challenges. They see them as driving forces to do more, better, faster and bigger. Those challenges are good and healthy for entrepreneurs and the reasons they ...
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The Shrinks of Shank Todd Pitock, 04.07.05 Some who study the game of golf believe that every player reveals his personality "type." What does your game say about you? Last year a company's sales group went on a golf outing. It was meant to be a grand day, but before anyone had even brought up a divot, the conditions on the course were already ripe for conflict. The CEO, a power personali...
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Following trend to lure women golfers, Pinehurst adds golf/spa package By Tim McDonald, National Golf Editor, Golf Publisher Syndications (Dec. 4, 2004) - Women looking for some luxury along with their golf have more choices than ever - more resorts are offering golf/spa packages to help entice women, either solo or with their families. For example, the Pinehurst resort in North Caroli...
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Good Sports Get off the sidelines and into the game! Starting a business based on professional sports could put you in the big leagues. By Geoff Williams Entrepreneur Magazine - March 2004 URL: http://www.entrepreneur.com/magazine/entrepreneur/2004/march/69188.html The crunching of body parts, as 300-pound linebackers slam into each other. The crack of the bat, as Sammy Sosa slams anothe...
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MBA Jungle

MBA Jungle - September 30, 2003 What Your Golf Game Says About You: Course Behavior A game of golf can reveal surprising things about your boss, your client… and you. Some time ago, a venture capitalist my brother was pursuing invited him to his country club. Rounding out the foursome was another duo of entrepreneurs also looking for start-up capital. Early in the match, one of them slic...
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GolfDigest.com Instruction Turn it up a notch By Ernie Els Golf Digest Playing Editor with Scott Smith Golf Digest November 2002 Preswing Basics: When I get lazy or tired, I get slouchy. My weight goes back on my heels, and I bring my shoulders forward. That poor posture often leads to a backswing in which the club goes too far behind me on the way back and then comes over the top ...
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