I agreed to assist a client in screening some resumes he received in response to an ad for a sales rep. We were looking at recent college graduates who were just entering the professional sales marketplace for the first time.

I called a young lady who stated her objective was to obtain a position in sales although she had just graduated with a degree with a major in radio and tv. I asked her why she was interested in sales and she said she was looking “for something different.” That took me by surprise since this would be her first job.

So, I asked her why she wasn’t pursuing a career in radio and tv. I cannot make this up . . . but she said “there isn’t any opportunity there because you have to start at the bottom!”

I can only imagine the disappointment she is going to face and wonder how a university can pass someone through four years without making some effort to really educate their students on real life lessons. Well, she will still have to learn them somewhere. We agreed, however, it wouldn’t be in his company.

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