Most people go to the refrigerator, channel surf or do almost anything else when the commercials come on TV. That is why they may not have noticed a subtle, yet pervasive theme in modern commercials- the ridicule and undermining of respect for the white American male, young and old.

I began to notice this trend a few months ago although it has been happening for several years.  In one commercial after another, regardless of product, when there is a wise person displaying incredulity at the obliviousness of another. More and more, it is a minority of some type displaying the wisdom, and a white man or boy in need of the lesson.

A vegetable juice commercial shows a witless white boy playing with his carrots while the minority kid with the smart mom happily downs his juice at lunch.  A hapless white man sets his retirement goal at “gazillions” while a minority man makes sound investment decisions based on a realistic goal. It is a white man that buys a car that is so “unsmart” that he wears a bag over his head.  Countless mothers and children save the witless white father from himself over and over in the kitchen. Even dogs are smarter than their white masters.

It is subtle.  It is pervasive.  Watch.  See what children are learning about white men and white boys.

The Diversity Movement (and it is a movement) is to be credited with increasing tolerance, understanding, opportunity and new perceptions.  But, why is a movement that has been so welcome and so successful being hijacked by media and advertising to demean and diminish someone else.  Why does someone have to be the brunt of scorn so someone else can be encouraged?

If you wonder why fathers are not respected, and why there is a force of resentment building against successful white leaders and business professionals, and hard workers striving to provide the best for their families, check out what families are seeing dozens of times every day on the TVs.

I can’t think of a reason why manufacturers or service providers would go to such extremes to alienate a huge buying segment, (even though men probably are not watching the commercials unless they are the fabulous beer, golf or NFL ones)   so I wonder if there isn’t some agenda in the producers of ad campaigns, some hidden anger or resentment that has insinuated itself in creative departments of media companies.

Maybe this is not the most pressing problem today, but it is catching on and the effects of undermining dedicated and noble while males could be as harmful as ignoring dedicated and noble minorities in the past.  The power of commercials moves commerce; and it moves opinions.  Just watch.

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