The first problem with performance occurs at the time of hire. The second occurs when you don’t address the first one early on. The bottom line is many companies hire based on resume, but the employee fails based upon behavior. People confuse incompetence with incompatibility. We address credentials, intelligence, knowledge, experience when what really affects performance is the individual’s comfort level with the required essential tasks.
There are verifiable essential traits to performing any responsibility in an exceptional manner. When those traits are not present in the responsible individual, performance always suffers. We accept mediocrity and worse in performance because we continue to believe that training, mentoring, coaching and patience are the best answers we can find. The results are far worse when you factor in the fact that poor performance in one position affects the overall performance, morale and health of the organization as a whole.
Leaders have been discouraged from using assessment tools for many reasons, i.e. some are just not very good, many decision-makers do not know how to use them, fear of appearing to be unfair or of inviting in unwanted scrutiny from regulating agencies, and encouraging employee generated lawsuits. All of these reasons go away when you select a validatable, accurate and consistent instrument with proven predictabilities based upon your own environment and marketplace.
We use PDP (Professional Dynametric Program) and we encourage all of our clients to implement it into their hiring, promoting, goal setting and organizational strategies. We are enthusiastic about any opportunity to demonstrate its reliability and its ability to predict success (and,as important, certain failure) in our client organizations.
We will be pleased to prove its value and accuracy in your organization, with your people using whatever benchmarks you define that matter to your company’s success. There is nothing more impressive than seeing the causes in breakdowns in performance in clear, unequivocal, black and white terms that free you to make clear, unequivocal decisions to correct the problem. Everyone benefits – from the right fit. There is an ideal position for every person and an ideal person for every position. With modern neuro science based technology and data, there is no good excuse for ignoring that fact.

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