Carl Jung, one of the pivotal influences in the development of the PDP profile, said “The goal of personality is wholeness.”

I have been aware for many years that people who spent most of their time operating in their areas of weakness become dissatisfied, discontent and worse.  People who work and build relationships in areas that are compatible with their strengths thrive and flourish.

It is surprising to me that very few people have really ever investigated at depth their own personality traits, their own profiles.  They might have a social, or “cocktail party,”  conversational understanding of their “type,” but most have never really learned to apply this information to their day to day decision making.

I believe our traits are actually directional signals for us to follow to be the best we can be, make the best choices available, and build the best relationships possible.  When we are unaware of those inherent sign posts, or we ignore them or don’t think they are relevant, we “learn the hard way.”  It is surprising how many people think learning the hard way is a good thing.

Everyone ought to have an opportunity to get in touch with their inherent traits and listen to what they mean.  If you continually end up with the “wrong boss,” or “hire the wrong people,” that is a sign that you are not familiar with what your traits are telling you is good for you.  Once you get in touch with the real you, you will be amazed at how easily you reach decisions that work, avoid those that don’t, and have  a lot of extra energy to do what you wanted to do in the first place.

Nothing drains our energy more than being at cross purposes with our inherent traits, either in daily work, relationships or even locations.  Knowing your profile intimately is a key to true self actualization, success and peace of mind.

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