I understand some girls may not like being girls.  I am sure they have reasons they believe are adequate.  I guess some boys surely don’t like being boys.  I like boys and men but don’t want to be them.  I don’t think they want to be me, but a lot of them like me.  That makes me happy, too.

As everyone else, I could write a book on the challenges I have faced, the hard times, the disappointments, setbacks along with the victories, successes and joys.  But, try as I might, I cannot find one event that was influenced, good or bad, because someone called me a girl, or knew I was a girl.

I have consulted with thousands of people in over a thousand companies.  I have met happy and unhappy people; I have yet to meet one who was harmed or unsuccessful because of a word, or because they were a girl or boy.  When someone blames others, or society, or luck, or a word for their unhappiness, I have noticed they analyze  others more than themselves.  Socrates, who many say was the wisest man in the world, (good thing he wasn’t a girl), says the most important thing is to know oneself.  Frustration, irritation and aggravation with what life brings isn’t going away if we stop using certain words, or having opinions, or liking some things and people and not liking other things and people.   Those things go away when we look at ourselves and see where the disconnect is between what we expect and what we are willing to give to get it.

Carl Jung said  ‘the goal of personality is wholeness.”  Our personalities try to guide us to the right places and people and vocations.  As long as we think the world outside of us has to conform to the world as we demand it, we will be unhappy and look for silly things we can do to impose our world on others.   We could eliminate all language and the one who has no self-awareness would want to ban silence.

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