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Personality Matters

Personality Matters Personality matters in everything.  In relationships, trust, leadership, sales, management, parenting, teaching and learning, sports, politics and, yes, even religion. This site will focus on how you can become more self aware of why you do what you do, think like you do, want and do not want certain things.  It will give you insight into why you see others as you do, and...
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Jennifer Munro

Eagle Vision Performance, Inc. is owned by Jennifer Munro. Jennifer has worked with hundreds of corporate clients through Jennifer Munro and Partners over twenty five years focusing on improving performance in the workplace. A cornerstone of solving performance problems was the development through profiles of the essential success traits required for optimal performance in sales, leadership and ma...
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War on Words, (No more GIRL)

I woke up this morning to yet another day of people talking about whether or not the word Girl ought to be banned.  It got my attention because I must admit I throw a baseball like a girl, I run like a girl. I dance like a girl and play golf like a girl.   Oh Wait, I am a Girl.  I must be a little “off” because I like being a girl.  I liked being a girl when I was an actual girl age-wise; and also...
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