Jennifer Munro’s TOP TEN LIST


10. You aren’t having the fun you thought you would have when you risked all to start a company!

9. You are spending more time on people problems (Hint: All problems are people problems.

8. You are spending much less time doing what you want to do,what you need to do and what you like to do.

7. Things are not getting done and when they are done, they are done wrong!

6. You dread Mondays and count the minutes til Friday (and you are the boss, just think how the employees feel!)

5. Your customers and/or vendors are mad!!

4. Your employees are mad, at you, at each other.

3. You are mad more often than you like to admit, or just disappointed, or just frustrated.

2. Your competitors are expanding due to anticipation of new business . . . from yours.

And the Number One Warning Sign your company is in trouble . . .

1. Your human resources person is attending a whole lot of networking events at your expense and is counseling employees on resume writing and labor law (more prevalent than you might think).

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