Identify the Success Gap: Where we want to go – where we are = what we need to do to fill the gap.


Benchmark the Best: Identify the criteria by which to measure our best, identify who they are, define the characteristicsthey share. Identify counter-productive characteristics to screen out inappropriate new hires and faulty promotions. Create standards from the results for people decisions.

Focus on requiring exceptional management skills for anyone supervising others. Make Managers accountable for the success of their direct reports.

Hiring Models: Defining the model for future hires in each crucial position. Design recruiting, incentives and training around the optimal candidates, not the weakest candidates.

Rewards and Incentives: Design reward programs to reflect specific contribution that leads to the goals. Group rewards do not change behavior or improve performance.

Provide exceptional skills training in conflict resolution, people selection and development, meaningful and measureable training development programs and development of clear andmeasureable standards for all positions.

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